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About us:

"Rumba" Ltd is engaged with manufacturing of gneiss plates. Rockfacing material - gneiss.

Our gneiss is famous with its solidity, hardiness of wide range of temperature amplitudes (freezing) and profitable price. The stone is the perfect end of every Your project. It is suitable for facing of buildings, alleys, paths, fences, pools, fireplaces.

The quality and accuracy of realization of Your order are our priority.



  Physic and chemical properties of the gneiss:

  Volume density
ρ 2.58 g/cm3
  Specific density
ρs 2.66 g/cm3
  Pore volume
n 3.01 %
  Pore coefficient
е 0.031 -
  Compressive strength in air dry state
R HC 378.4 x 105Pa
  Water absorption
  0.49 %
  Compressive strength in absorbed water state
R HВ 344.9 x 105Pa
  “Deval” wear
  5.5 %
  Compressive strength after 25-fold freeze state
R H3 325.9 x 105Pa
  Cold resistance coefficient
  0.86 -
  Loss of mass after 25-fold freeze
  0.12 %



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